Steve Miller

Long-time web developer, now also UX Designer.
Question asker, problem solver, figurer-out of things.

I’ve been building user interfaces for years. My joy comes from building things that solve real problems for real people. With the expansion of my UX skill set, I get to do the same thing I’ve always been doing, now using a broader range of tools.

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Site update!

August 17, 2018
I have thoroughly refactored and updated this website with SASS, BEM, a better custom grid, better responsive images and more. See what's new!

Thoughts about tools.

February 20, 2018
For me, a tool is something for solving a problem. I can learn to work a tool, but I'm more interested in the problem. I got to thinking about this, and about my love for a good metaphor, as I designed a new speaker cabinet for my bass guitar rig.

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