Portfolio: Mixpo full screenshot

Mixpo corporate website. Front to back, top to bottom, built and maintained by me.

  • Responsive HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, jQuery
  • Expression Engine PHP-based CMS
  • Scratch-built front end (no framework)

Modules, structures, and styles are designed for portability between sections of the site and for ease of implementation and maintenance.


  • I adapted the pre-existing desktop-only site for responsive use without changing its look and feel, while this full redesign was in its planning stages.
  • My first action at Mixpo was to build and implement development and staging environments for the corporate site for a more secure, proper workflow. Previously all development had been done on the live server with fingers crossed.
  • I was responsible for the lion's share of server configuration, including multiple instances of moving the site from one subdomain to another without anguish or service interruptions.