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Mixpo Demo Gallery

Mixpo demo site full screenshot

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Standalone, private section of the Mixpo site.

  • Responsive HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, jQuery
  • Expression Engine PHP-based CMS
  • Scratch-built (no framework)

Mixpo's sample ads can be filtered on the fly by many different criteria. Content is populated from the Expression Engine CMS and acted upon with jQuery.

Biggest challenge: More than 30 Mixpo partners have their own branded versions of this site. Every partner has different criteria for what ads they offer, as well as their own logos and color schemes. (There are sample partner links at bottom of this page.)

Goal: Prevent a maintenance nightmare as demo content and features evolve.

Solution: All versions share code that exists in only one place, so all versions update when features are added or removed. Partner-specific content is determined by the CMS, styling by a few lines of CSS per partner that is dynamically applied based on the partner URL.

Result: A quick and painless process for creating individual galleries for new partners, that doesn't require specialized developer knowledge to implement.

Note: This version is not the live version and will not display the actual demo ads themselves.