About Me

Web developer with an art degree, a technical mind, and a passion for UX.
I've always loved tinkering with things and solving problems.

On LinkedIn

Steve on a bike

Hi, I'm Steve.

I've been a front-end web developer for most of this century. I've worked with startups and with mega-huge corporations, on large teams, on lean cross-functional teams, and as a team of one.

In every position I've held, the user's experience has always been my primary concern, and the jobs I've enjoyed most are the ones that gave me the responsibility to speak and act accordingly. I view the expansion of my UX skill set as a way to more fully focus what strongly interests me: the human in Human Centered Design.

A Story

Once upon a time, a very good friend of mine was preparing to remodel his house. He was hoping to work with an engineer rather than an architect, because, in his opinion:

“Architects specialize in building monuments to themselves.”
- Art Feldon

Now, I wouldn't impugn all architects like that, but the gist of the idea stayed with me, and I have seen that phenomenon in play in the tech field. People like to build cool stuff. I like to build cool stuff! But I’ve always challenged assumptions and asked questions to help define the real goal, which is always to solve the problems of real people.

Let's learn what the problem is and build something cool to solve it.

What Makes Me Tick

Since I was a small child I've loved taking things apart to fix them, to see how they work, and to make them better. Today that inclination manifests itself with websites and apps, but also bicycles, guitars, and how I organize my kitchen, among other things. Interesting problems are everywhere.